Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jennifer Needs/Jennifer Wants

Here's a fun internet party game. In google, put "(your name) needs" and see what pops up.
Inspired by another blog, I decided to try this also with "wants" to see if it was any more interesting. I had to use my real name because Zen (for obvious spiritually based reasons) has risen above wants and needs in her quest for enlightenment! Here are the results for each. Interestingly, there are far more wants than needs. Go figure.

Enjoy, and share your own if you are so inclined to try it!


Jennifer needs:

Jennifer needs a cold shower
Jennifer needs a smack daddy
Jennifer needs time to heal
Jennifer needs to do five things
Jennifer needs prayers
Jennifer needs space
Jennifer needs to keep improving
Jennifer needs to get away
Jennifer needs the earth energy
Jennifer needs help
Jennifer needs heavy visual depiction of her subject
Jennifer needs to be punished
Jennifer needs to be in a mental health facility
Jennifer needs extra time to complete assigned tasks
Jennifer needs to be made comfortable with the tension and conflicts
Jennifer needs an adviser with exceptional listening skills
Jennifer needs to take some advice from Paris Hilton

Jennifer wants:
Jennifer wants to have my baby
Jennifer wants to make sure the family earns enough money
Jennifer wants to get into the Betty Ford Clinic so that she can meet a rich drunk
Jennifer wants to improve her game
Jennifer wants to know why you started to write about animals
Jennifer wants to take some of her savings and invest in a mutual fund
Jennifer wants saucier roles
jennifer wants a couple of children
Jennifer wants a career
Jennifer wants to put their pet toad in a potion
Jennifer wants to do 26 things
Jennifer wants to do 36 things.
Jennifer wants to use that song
jennifer wants some taco-flavored keeses
Jennifer wants to focus on her career
Jennifer wants Luke
Jennifer wants to show the big boys that they will still have fun if they play with her
Jennifer wants to cook spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, and she wants to make banana splits for dessert
Jennifer wants most in life is to raise her children to grow up and becontent with themselves
Jennifer wants to wear real fut that is her business
Jennifer wants to be a professional artist
Jennifer wants to wants to get back in the studio
Jennifer wants to finish school and go to a good college
Jennifer wants to go out that night
Jennifer wants that to change
Jennifer wants to name here child Violet
Jennifer wants “to help people.”
Jennifer wants to drop out of school and cancel her loan
Jennifer wants to give us a new album with her latest material on it
Jennifer Wants Brad's Baby
Jennifer wants to know
Jennifer wants to work and put her clerical skills to use
Jennifer wants to take this terrible story and turn it into something wonderful
Jennifer wants to access her images any time any where
Jennifer Wants to play the Spanish Guitar.
Jennifer wants Laura killed as Luke's wedding present to her
Jennifer" wants to stay awhile
Jennifer wants to be sexually active with Frankie
Jennifer wants to be a teacher when she grows up!
Jennifer wants to look good but cares less about what's under the hood
Jennifer wants to reveal the malefic spirit's plans to better fight him
Jennifer wants to produce and report national news at one of the major networksafter graduation.
Jennifer wants to further her education by studying communication or counseling in graduate school
Jennifer wants personal coverage in case she becomes unable to work due to illness or injury.
Jennifer wants another shot at recognition as a singer
Jennifer wants hip
Jennifer wants to squeeze a bathtub
Jennifer wants to show a power point
Jennifer wants to belong to just one man
Jennifer wants to play the classy card
Jennifer wants Kaysar to understand
Jennifer wants a ten year plan
Jennifer wants her boys to play with
Jennifer wants to kiss and make up


Design Goddess said...

yeah you sure do want a lot! But if you happen to find that rich drunk, make sure he has a younger brother! :)

state of grace said...

I expect a need and want list from you as well. You can send to my email if you want :)


Anonymous said...

Received your post in my LJ, and just got around to responding. However, I have to say, I am merely a novice Ninja Mom compared to you - 3 kids?! Wow.

I think you should take 2006 off - you accomplished enough in 2005 to cover TWO years.

Gareth said...

Gareth wants ... a new post from Jennifer pleaseeeeee, hehe, thanks :)

Design Goddess said...

I'm sure she'd appreciate you coming over to babysit so that she can post, Gareth! :) ha ha

state of grace said...

DG- still waiting on your want/need list.

Gareth, I appreciate your enthusiasm for my daily drivel...But I wasn't home today at ALL to post. Had to run children all over the county, and closed on my house sale. So I spent what few free minutes home trying to put stuff away that we crammed into this house Saturday. Whew! Now it's 2:39 am and I'm up with a grumpy baby (who slept in the car ALL day while we ran around town, and is now WIDE awake!) So I will have to post another day. Tomorrow I sleep :)


Design Goddess said... ya go!
DG wants a life.
DG wants to graduate.
DG wants a sugar daddy.
DG wants to have her project finished for her.

And the same can be said for needs! :)

That's about all I can do right now. Hopefully you're getting the sleep you need! :)