Monday, September 11, 2006


The following pictures are a tribute to the losses of Sept 11, 2001. This first pic was of a steel cross that was pulled from the wreckage and hung at Ground Zero.

The second was taken by my husband of his daughter Labor Day weekend 2001. Her salute with the towers in the background was an eerie coincidence. She did it because he was a Major in the Army at that time, teaching and coaching at West Point.

The rest of the pics (as well as the first one) are from a trip to NY (my first) we took the first summer we were dating. We stopped to visit Ground Zero. It was a very humbling experience.

I have been watching the coverage today with the reading of the names of the victims. I am disappointed to say, that try as I may I have not been able to find a station allowing the victims names to be read without interruption. I would have thought those names would be more important than Matt Laurer's commentary about the memorial service. CNN was revisiting the events step by step, which I don't see as a valuable tribute to the dead either.

So... with no further adieu, here is my tribute to those lost to the terrorists....and to the war on terror.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Final resting place...New Orleans last tribute

My favorite collection of New Orleans pix from cemetery Number One. No extra words needed here. I thought this would be a good place to end the tribute. I hope all have enjoyed the pix as much as we did taking them.

I leave you with the serene resting place of the oldest cemetery in New Orleans. I feel the pictures here, as well as the ghostly soulful tunes of Enya are the best interludes to my pics of Ground Zero tomorrow.

Peace to all those who have suffered loss, whether by nature or at the hands of men.

Blessed be...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sign of the times - New Orleans Tribute 5

Here are some famous (infamous?) signs of New Orleans...

I will post again tomorrow with the final tribute. It will be my favorite set of pics, from cemetery Number One which I think was hit pretty hard judging from the Parish in which it's located. I want to finish up because I have another post of pics from our trip to Ground Zero to post on 9/11.

Paul McCartney slept here. So did we, though not in the Paul McCartney suite. My husband tried to get it since it was our honeymoon, but it was booked already :( We did end up with a pretty nice suite - with living room kitchen and bedroom so he did good :) Next time we're getting one with a balcony.

Not just the French Quarter- the Spanish had a lot of influence on New Orleans as well

Some good French Quarter Blues and Jazz joints- wanna get back for the Jazz Festival
at some point too

I was really proud of my husband that he humored me and we ventured in this shop! I'm sure it was a new experience for him with all his "don't ask don't tell" job history!

Didn't see Harry on this trip :( We had caught him in concert the summer before in Cleveland

Did meet HARRY ANDERSON who owns this magic shop in the French Quarter

We were both too scared to venture in here

This reminds me of someone I knew long ago...

One of many Tennessee Williams namesakes- This one obviously for Stella Kowalski of Streetcar Named Desire fame. I want to get back down here for the Tennessee Williams Festival one year

Luckily we saw no pirates (even after drinking the Hurricanes) though we did see vampires (see previous post)

Hurricane Number one.... Hand grenades came later

Decided to forego the Absinthe...Don't they know it can kill you??? Hmmm.... Maybe that explains our reaction to Hurricanes and Hand grenades while partaking in them during our stay

Hair of the dog... Needed one of these the day after the Hurricane/Hand grenade debacle

We didn't have the extra dollar after drinking all the Hurricanes, and after them we would have really needed it ;)

Wasn't actually in New Orleans but a stop on our way in from Nashville- didn't partake in one of these. Thought about it, but it was attached to a gas station and we only enjoy that dining experience when desperate

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Creepy side of New Orleans- Tribute Day 4

Part of New Orleans charm is that things can get a little creepy in the Big Easy...

Looks like the set for a Hitchcock film

Romeo spikes (on the pole in left of pic) were originally a way to keep young men from climbing up or escaping down the balconies

Lots of formidable gates in New Orleans. This one was in a less wealthy area of the French Quarter

This strikes me now as foreshadowing Katrina which came 6 months after our visit- Unfortunately after Katrina it wouldn't stand out now among hundreds (thousands?) still missing

Our Vampire tour guide Chaz sharpening his nails. You can check out his vampire New Orleans site here.

We had a guy tagging along behind the tour group which concerned Rick until he helped our guide with a prop- then Rick realized the reason he followed a few feet behind was for our security. Didn't get a pic of him, but he goes by Lord Micah, and you can see him here.

Marie Laveau - Voodoo Queen

Voodoo museum

Homemade voodoo doll we found (but did NOT touch) on the street in the French Quarter

Loved this creepy tree on our stroll around Jackson Square

Full moon New Orleans