Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ahh..... stay at home motherhood.


I haven't slept a full night in months (and not more than 2 hours at a time in 3 weeks.) My Christmas tree is still staring at me. My house finally sold, but I'm still not supposed to be lifting more than Anna so I can't get the rest of my stuff out yet. Then there's the question of where to put it.

Thank God it sold though as I just got a horrendous gas bill (strangely enough HIGHER than the 2200 sqare foot home that we've kept around 70 degrees F all winter- Manor is 1048 sq ft and the thermostat's been at 60 degrees F all winter.) $323 bucks for the last two weeks in Dec and the first two in Jan. AND... half the time it's been 50 degrees F outside. I have a feeling the gas co is over charging me. Great. Now I need to call for that.

I wish I would feel like writing. I mean REALLY writing something funny, witty, profound, silly...etc. I just don't. Sad and introspective I can do. But did that already this week with the goodbye to my house post.

I guess it will come. As I told my friend Design Goddess this morning at 4 am, creativity comes easier with sleep. Off to curl up with Anna and attempt to obtain some :)


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