Friday, May 30, 2008

Anna's Fashion Statement of the Week

Or....How we like to kick off the summer at our to accentuate your cast!

Now wait! I'm not ready for my photo shoot yet hand me that...


One must balance the splint with a sticker on the opposite knee, don't you know.

There. now I'm ready :)

It's important when switching from a neutral colored splint, to choose your favorite color since you'll be living with that for the next 10 days.

Make sure it's a color that you have plenty of in your wardrobe. Obviously, pink was a good choice for me! But don't overdo the pink. Make sure you find other colors to offset it.

Things to do when you have a cast...

Play Leapster while crawling up onto the ottoman (that mommy usually says to get off of!)

(note the purple glasses. I thought they were a nice touch!)

Pretend you're standing up on your walking cast since Mommy keeps hounding you to walk on it. (What is she anyway- can't she see my ankle's broken? How could I possibly walk on it?!?!?)

Sit too close to the TV watching Cinderella because now is the perfect time to bend the rules and play the sympathy card...

"Well HI Mommy! What do you mean sit on the couch instead of right next to the TV?"

"But don't you know my 'feet hurts'?"

Oh alright...I'll watch from the couch.

The other thing you can do is play on daddy's laptop (which you're not supposed to but once again, if you can't get away with things when you have a broken ankle, when can ya?)

I've seen them push this button before to get it started...

Nothing's happening!

Maybe this one- oops! "Hi again Mommy!!!"

Oh man...Mommy's spoil all the fun.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Tale of the Fairy Dust Buster

This is the story of a little girl, a dustbuster, a tutu, a magic wand, and .....

A piece of dust that did not want to be busted....

There once was a fairy named Anna who loved to "help" her mommy with the chores.

Her mommy was very proud and encouraged Anna's help by getting her fairy sized appliances.

One day, Anna was helping mommy with her fairy dustbuster when she came across a rather stubborn piece of dust.

"I will NOT be busted!" Exclaimed the dust.

Anna thought about resorting to brute force by lifting the dust with her fingers. BUT....

After re-accessing the situation, decided...

There might be a BETTER way!

Her fairy magic wand!

Won't mommy be proud of her resourcefulness! to make the two work together...

Perhaps this will do it.

Hmmmm....that didn't work!

Perhaps just carrying it will help.

Curses! Foiled again!!!!!

Maybe the wand is all I need!

Huh???Well at least I managed to move the dust!

One more try...

Is thing on?

Well....the dust lived to be busted another day. Now it's time for my next trick!!!!