Thursday, February 02, 2006

Farewell old and trusted (sometimes) friend

What's in a Jeep? A Rolls by any other name would smell... hmmmm....

My Jeep is no longer safe to drive. It makes some sort of banging noise as if the whole bottom is going to fall off. So we are venturing into mini-van territory tomorrow. Now I am full circle. I had one of those in '99 before my divorce, and sold it for a crappy (but paid for) Escort. Then a few years later I totaled that and purchased the Jeep. That vehicle and I have been through a lot. It will be a sad day when I drive (or TOW) her to the trade-in-dealer-in-the-sky.

So now my husband will keep his Xterra (which I wanted him to anyway) and we will trade in the Jeep and pickup truck for the mini-van. Then I will look like a soccer mom (eek- those women are ruthless.)

Speaking of ruthless or maybe relentless,) here's some interesting news. My real estate agent calls me Tuesday (the day AFTER the house sale closed) and said, "The furnace died and needed a 350 dollar repair. The other agent called to ask if you would be willing to pay any of it!"

I said, " Unfortunately, since he was in such a hurry to close that he waived a home warranty AND inspection (both house and termites) AND moved in the day BEFORE he was to have possession, AND the gas co won't switch the account out of my name until Feb 6th (like that won't be 300 bucks for him anyway)....since he asked me to pay 3500 bucks (essentially ALL) of his closing costs, AND we dropped the price on the house 5000 bucks for his offer.... ummm.... no. A 350 buck repair on a house you just bought is getting off easy. Hope the garage doesn't fall down. Welcome to home ownership. My agent agreed. It's the first time she and I have been on the same wavelength this whole home selling adventure.

It just annoyed me. You have possession of a house. Why in the world are you asking the old owner to pay a repair? Bummer for you, but that's the way it works. For cryin' outloud, my ex and I put 8 THOUSAND into that house when we bought it (including a new furnace,carpet,refridgerator, stove,hot water heater, bathroom and kitchen floors etc). While single, I put in new windows, new front door, new storm door, new roof, new siding, re-did the bathroom, waterproofed the basement, and installed a new chimney liner and cap right before listing it. Then because the agent insisted, we mulched the flower bed, painted the garage door, patched and painted the cement stoop, and painted the interior walls in a neutral color.

I'm done. It's yours now dude. Sorry about your luck.

Ok... vent done :)

On a happy note, the furnace waited to die until the day after I wouldn't be responsible for it. My house loved me after all.



Design Goddess said...

yeah, I have to say it's his problem. Sorry, bud. It must have been our "good-bye ritual" we did! :)

Gareth said...

Hey good luck in finding a new vehicle. Maybe your old house will fall down around his ears. Then you can give him the check for the furnace, HAHAHA!

Design Goddess said...

So, when are you getting your new wheels??? Can we go cruise Tusc when you do??!!

state of grace said...

We are on our way shopping now. Getting a new one thanks to Dad's retirement benefit. Makes shopping so much easier, and will only be a few thousand more than buying used.

I'll call ya later when we can like, cruise Tusc, like ya know????


Anonymous said...

Wow, the nerve. Great timing on the little house's part, though!

Congrats on the foray into mini-vandom. You are a braver woman than I, Gunga Din.

~ the other Ninja Mom

state of grace said...
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state of grace said...

Got the minivan. It's so much easier to be able to travel as a family. My husband is mourning his decline from coolness though. Good thing he got to keep his Xterra.

DG- When we goin' cruisin'? Shall I pick you up for B@T*H night this year? Of course then you'd have to find a way home the next day. No hung over women in the new van :)

Gareth- no word on the house falling down. The garage does lean quite a bit though.There was a bad wind storm the week before he took posession- we were hoping it didn't fall down before we closed!

Fellow Ninja - how's the book coming