Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Design Goddess said...

how precious! She's already bigger than when I saw her last week! :)

state of grace said...

She is! And I think she is close to actually responding to us. That's when they really start to become fun :) You'll have to come over again soon.

Oh- and we need to get over to Manor next week for the vigil. Any evening but Mon would be good for me. That way, all the boxes of stuff will be out, but furniture will still be there.


Design Goddess said... time you stop by my blog, you'll notice you're linked there! (so you might get more visitors!)

Tues, Thurs or Fri might work the best cause I'll have class til 7:30 on Wed. Let me know!

Shoe Diva said...

Yes, her links worked, because here I am ---- Im DG's future sis in law --

I love your hair -- thats a cute cut and the baby is adorable too.

state of grace said...

Thanks for the compliments and it's nice to finally "meet" you! DG and I go waaayyyy back. We interviewed for our jobs on the same day, and started working on the same day. Fast friends and have been ever since (going on 7 years!)

Shoe Diva said...

DG is very cool and seems like an outstanding friend to all her friends, you are very lucky to have her as a friend.