Thursday, January 25, 2007

Home again for Halloween

Had to hit the road VERY early to get back in tim for Trick - or- Treat on Sunday

The day was beautiful and the drive scenic

We got back just fifteen minutes before Trick or Treat began, and everyone scrambled into their costumes/ make-up. I also helped make up a neighbor friend of Adri's. They went as Pirates (so surprising given it's their current obsession.) Tanner went as a Doulphin's fan, and Noah switched from FBI agent to Blues Brother (since he knew from Tanner being a men in black character a few years ago that everyone would have guessed him to be one anyway)

Wow! Look out! It's a ghost orb in front of Anna!!!!

I have this same picture with Tanner when he wore this pumpkin costume. According to Rick, Adri had one as well. We need to do a baby pumpkin collage of that one day (I'm sure the kids will be as thrilled to have the pictures displayed as they were with wearing the costume in the first place)

In other weird twists of fate I just have to share our "full circle moment of the day. Here's the "whole family."

Since they moved a few minutes away from us onto a busy and therefore un "trick or treat" friendly street, my ex-husband Ken and his wife Les joined us to pass out candy. Les's son Jason is the "Artist."

One of the kids more interesting "Treats" (or was it really a TRICK?!?!?!?) It came with playdough attached.

Then Noah and I got busy with his Halloween 06 project

24 hours later.....

48 hours LATER.....

That's as large and scary as our witch got. Over all I would say the packaging was misleading. We never "got her to cast a spell" unless she cast it over Noah- he was pretty spellbound and came in to check her progress every couple minutes

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Catching up posts- Driving tour of NY City (Oct 06)

Approaching the big apple

Entering Gotham through the tunnel

Tunnel vision

NY Cab traffic

World famous Shubert Theatre (want to see Spamalot sometime- Shoulda caught it in Cleveland last year.)

Empire State Building- quite a different view than I had last trip

Fast food phenomenon

Tanner was sad we didn't get to stop here

Where Rick and I met (the cyber version that is :)

I like this clock and all the folks running around it blurred-except for the babe in the middle who is "stopping time" by standing still and crossing her arms...

This sign is for my very own DG...

Life immitates art?

Wanna see this one day- Maybe when it ventures to Cleveland

Which is worse? Grafitti? Or the obscenely large billboards that overwhelm the scenery?

After heading out of the city, this is what we faced on our journey to my sister-in-law's parents house about an hour north of the city. We were stuck for about an hour like this. Anna wasn't happy- like the picture from the previous post.