Friday, February 23, 2007

The PARTY!!!!!!

The cake-It was pretty, though I did wish they would have used darker icing for the writing!

She seems to like it...

Until everyone started singing...

Make it stop!!!!!

Ok ENOUGH cake where's the D!@m presents!!! (ummm.... I mean darn.)

That's more like it!!!
Christmas all over again!!!!!

I like my new "MP3" player :)

Back to the old favorites

My cousin Olivia came all the way from CA to celebrate my birthday with me (I'm OLDER by three whole weeks!)

Being older means you have to share things like your new MP3 player with your cousin...

And your new keys...

Wait a minute.... I'm not sharing him too!!!!!

Well...ok since Olivia shared her mommy with me :)

But I'm not sharin' MY mamma!!!


Design Goddess said...

such sweet pictures! :)

april said...

Lovely pictures! Jackson has those Keys and that MP3 Player, he loves them too.