Monday, February 26, 2007

Attracting An Impassioned Profession

A few months ago Rick and I started brainstorming about what we want to do about launching our lifecoaching business. We do this every couple months, get excited about it, then end the discussion with "someday when we are in a better financial place." Lately for some reason we have been discussing it more and more. Last month Rick said, "Let's plan on launching it in three years."

Then I saw the Oprah show with The Secret on it a few weeks ago. And though (as I said in my previous post) I had known about the philosophy and implemented it many times in my life......

I wasn't using it now!

I was so excited about the show I almost woke Rick up to watch it. However it was midnight and he was due to get up at 4 for work. So I waited to share it with him until the next evening. When he was done watching the show I told him that I had wanted to wake him up. He said, "You could have. This is what we've been talking about the past couple of years. Forget another three years. The time to start it is now."

So we started focusing on his current work hours improving so he can devote some more time to starting the business. When we did that two very interesting things happened in the same week. The first is that he got a call from a place that interviewed him in August. They are still considering him for a position that would have him going in a little later in the morning (he currently leaves at 5) and working less weekends. The second thing that happened was his new interim plant manager let him know they may restructure his job so that he would have less hours and more opportunities. So either way we will have what we need to go forward.

Next it was my turn. I have often wanted to return to school for an MA in Religion. I feel this is crucial to my spiritual life coaching dream. Being a UU makes that difficult as virtually every college near me offers degrees focusing on Christianity only. There is an amazing UU Theological school in Chicago called Meadville Lombard.
For the past year I kept thinking...wishing... asking...

Why doesn't Meadville have a distance learning program? When will Meadville have a distance learning program?

But more importantly, recently I had started saying, "When Meadville starts their distance learning program I am going there."

That's the law.

Last week I received my Spring issue of UU world magazine. I saw some cool articles in it. Then I flipped it over and set it down on my desk.

A full page add on the back cover caught my eye...

Ask and Ye shall receive.



Gareth said...

Life coaching. I didn't know you had plans to go into this area? Well good for you and I really hope it all works out for you and Rick and sure does sound as if the way is parting for you to be able to pursue that dream :)


And I don't know anything about that specific Oprah show. Maybe I can find it on You Tube lol.

state of grace said...

Sorry Gareth!

UU is Unitarian Universalist. Here is a link to describe our history.

I will be doing a post next week sharing a wonderful sermon by a guest minister I saw last year. In it she does a very good job explaining exactly what UUism is.