Sunday, February 04, 2007

OSU game to Thanksgiving

My fan-addicts (Note the color of the walls behind them. This is the LAST known peach with white sponging photo taken in my living room :)

Because the next week (that's right- the week of Thanksgiving as I was also preparing to host my family of 25) I painted the living room and almost all of the kitchen. I didn't paint the wall behind the stove and refrigerator since unplugging and moving vital thanksgiving appliances seemed a poor judgement move at the time. So mantle pic before the paint job.....

Mantle pic AFTER the paint job!

My first turkey alone (mom came over and taught me last year.) I was afraid it wouldn't get done in time but it turned out FABULOUS (if I do say so myself :)

The past two years we have moved most of the furniture out of the living room and set up tables for everyone there....

Well almost everyone. Here is our version of the kiddie table. I like it- sort of an Asian twist to Thanksgiving. And it seems to work well for the five and under crowd (less spills.) But this year my neice took it with her to replace her coffee table. So next year we'll have to come up with a new plan.

Cole, Jake, and Maddie looking through our wedding album

Neen and Jake, with Hailey and Mark in the background

Keith and Jake post turkey crash

And then there was desert

Lonnie enjoyed his as he exclaimed, "PUNKIN PIE!!!!!!!!!!!" over and over

We drew names for our Christmas exchange. This year we exchanged kids names among the adults to cut down on Christmas excess. Lonnie walked around giving his name to everyone. He may only be three, but he's got his "It's a Lonnie Christmas" present plan in action.

Taylor in a rare non-camera shy moment

Hailey is caught having a little pumpkin pie with her whip cream

Lonnie trying out a future occupation

First ever full family portrait...almost. Adri was with her mom this Thanksgiving. There is a space between Keith and Hailey I could photoshop her in (if only I had a good program to do so!) So any one with suggestions on that one please let me know :)

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!


Gareth said...

I so love your pics in all of your posts. This post reminds me of Boxing Day (day after Christmas day) when all my family and relatives get together in one house. Younguns and not so young people all mixing together :)

Gareth said...

p.s. I consider you to be one of the younguns. Teehee :D

state of grace said...

Awww... Thanks for including me in the youngguns Gareth. But I haven't sat at the kiddie table for YEARS!

It's funny actually. You spend your whole youth wanting to sit at the grown-up table only to realize that means you're OLD!

Oh- and Boxing Day... I loved hearing you mention that one. In my late teens/early twenties I had a very special penfriend in Australia who shared interesting things like Boxing Day with me then. We met through our mums who had written each other since they were both pregnant with us.

Sadly, he died when we were only 22. Our moms still write, and his actually came to meet us several years after his death. I still miss him. Thanks for the memory :)


Gareth said...

Of course you are a youngun!! 83 is not old!
Glad that I brought back some memories of your Aussie friend. Hey maybe I could be your pen friend now ;)

Gareth said...

Oh wow, did I say 83?! :D

state of grace said...


I didn't know you had dyslexia!!!


Gareth said...

Who said I was dislekic???? ;-)

Hahahahaha I was joking with ya.
Unless you were joking back with me about that in which case - *sniffle and rubs nose on sleeve* - hahaha DG will really like that one ;-)

Design Goddess said...

Very cute pics! Nice bird too!! :)

There's a program out there called "the Gimp" it's free and similar to Photoshop. I've used it before and it's not bad.