Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Attracting The Universe to Your Dreams

I have more dreams to try out on this law of attraction. Like distance learning at Meadville Lombard Theological school, they are all related to my spirituality. So here's my wish, my prayer, my next request of the universe.

I wish to open the Z Spiritual Sanctuary and Retreat with a library, bookstore, gift shop, conference room, and yoga/Tai Chi room. The focus will be all world religions so that all are welcome to find whatever they need to enlighten them on their individual spiritual path. Retreats will be held one weekend a month and will vary in Religious topic. I also would like to host different writer's retreats including one for kids (which my kids are already excited about.)

So after telling Rick last week that I plan on going back for my MA in Religion, the next day I told him that I also feel a calling to open a spiritual sanctuary/retreat. He asked, "Where will it be?"

I answered tentatively, "Well, that's the sort of crazy part."

And he responded enthusiastically, "So it's going to be in "your house" down the street? Because that was the first place I thought of when you said that."


I love that man o' mine :)

This is the place. I am going to buy this house one day (soon) and save it from falling apart. No one lives in it now. It was a rental property, but the man who purchased it in the mid 90's has not done a thing with it. No one has lived there in a decade.

Built in 1906 (likely from a Sears type house kit) it was once a proud and lively home. Now it stands alone and empty. For the past 3 years, it has soulfully called out to me every time I drive by.

I'll let you all know when it comes to pass. I need the universe to attract some funding to this dream. I am also focusing on attracting a decent sale offer from the current owner. Lastly, I am putting out an attraction for some generous volunteer help fixing it up (ie a design goddess friend of mine and the dream team of her choice :)



Gareth said...

Whoweeeeee "your house" looks amazing. With that branch hanging down 'over it' it almost looks like a fairy tale home. I'm half expecting some stage smoke to appear upstage in front of it. Kind of like a magical illusion :)

Hey DG - can I be part of your dream team? That would be pretty cool. I'll bring along my tool kit belt. Tim The Tool Man Taylor has nuttin on me :P

Gareth said...

LOL at your avatar. Did I give you permission to use my image in it and tell that dog to stop wearing my leprechaun hat!! Geeeeesh, first it was silly humans and now canines are trying to mess with my head too!! :D

state of grace said...

Ha!I forgot you are a leprechaun Gareth! Sorry to use your image without asking. But you'll have to take that up with the Avatar people as I got it from them. The dog is a tribute to my friend Mary's English Bulldog pup.

Yes the house is from another area in design too. Even for a house sprung from a "kit" it is loads more interesting than any new construction I've seen.

All the more reason to save it.


tiggysmum70 said...

I love that house. I hope that one day you can buy it and soon. I hate to see good houses go to waste. Here's to buying it soon!!

bookchick said...

AH! NOW I see where you've been lately - having epiphanies right and left ;>.

Beautiful house, beautiful ideas. Can't wait to hear the next steps, thru blog, email, or IM...


~ bookchick

state of grace said...

Thanks for the positivity Tigs, Dg, Gareth, and BC! You are helping us attract away!!!!

And BC yes we have been "epiphanizing" and "attracting" blessings left and right lately. I will post the latest news in a week or two when I can. (Hint- I alluded to in the previous post.)

I keep driving past "my house" thinking, is it going to be attracted to me next????