Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Every Christmas Eve since Tanner was born I write a letter to each child in their Christmas card sharing with them what I feel about where they are in life and how I feel about each of them. ( I do the same thing on their birthdays.) I also do it in Rick's card.

I always plan to do this early in the season, but always run out of time. So now I just accept that I will do it on Christmas Eve, at 1:30 in the morning, the very last thing after all the presents are wrapped and placed under the tree. I always light this angel carosel and it usually burns down into nothing while I am writing.

Then I collapse into bed! This year Rick snapped a pic of me so I could include it in the card.

Anna and me Christmas Eve sharing cookies....

Had the whole family over again. Taylor got stickers with her present... and shared with Lonnie

and Lydia...

And EVERYONE. I found stickers in my livingroom for DAYS!

Lydia reinacting a magazine add with her presents- I think she looks like she's in NY city stepping out of a cab with her shopping bags!

In my haste to finish cookies for Christmas Eve, I tried to make the pb kisses cookies too big. The result was they spread out and connected leaving some interestingly shaped cookies for Rick.... I mean Santa!

Christmas Day

The pre-kid peace of 2 am


Anna's first stocking

Anna enjoying Christmas breakfast

Noah turns traditional Christmas breakfast of petite quiche, cinnamon bread, and lil' smokies into art expressing his mood for the day (well for every day for Noah ;)

My Picaso tribute describes my mood after weeks of scurrying around getting ready and then 3 hours of sleep Christmas Eve

Noah and Tanner get their favorite team jerseys

All the kids after opening their loot on Christmas Day

Christmas day at my brother's house....

Jake and Great Grandma cuddle on Christmas

Rick and I with Natacha's parents (whom we visited on the NY trip)

One of the best pics ever taken of my mom and me

Our new "sisters" picture- to update a frame I got each of us for Christmas about 9 years ago

Family portrait

Dad, Mom, Neen, Me, and Jef

Rick and his girls (well... minus the one who is taking the picture!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We weren't done with our entertaining... most of us would meet yet again two days after Christmas with...


Stay tuned!


tiggysmum70 said...

Great to see your family has enjoyed the holidays!!

Have a great one!


Design Goddess said...

Those were lovely photos! Felt like I was there! :)