Sunday, September 03, 2006

Creepy side of New Orleans- Tribute Day 4

Part of New Orleans charm is that things can get a little creepy in the Big Easy...

Looks like the set for a Hitchcock film

Romeo spikes (on the pole in left of pic) were originally a way to keep young men from climbing up or escaping down the balconies

Lots of formidable gates in New Orleans. This one was in a less wealthy area of the French Quarter

This strikes me now as foreshadowing Katrina which came 6 months after our visit- Unfortunately after Katrina it wouldn't stand out now among hundreds (thousands?) still missing

Our Vampire tour guide Chaz sharpening his nails. You can check out his vampire New Orleans site here.

We had a guy tagging along behind the tour group which concerned Rick until he helped our guide with a prop- then Rick realized the reason he followed a few feet behind was for our security. Didn't get a pic of him, but he goes by Lord Micah, and you can see him here.

Marie Laveau - Voodoo Queen

Voodoo museum

Homemade voodoo doll we found (but did NOT touch) on the street in the French Quarter

Loved this creepy tree on our stroll around Jackson Square

Full moon New Orleans


Gareth said...

Cool pics!!
Why did you not take a doll home with you? Was it because you already had a scary doll (Rick), hehehehe ;)

state of grace said...

We did take a doll home with us, just not someone else's discarded homemade one. Actually I kind of freaked out shopping for my voodoo doll b/c one of the dolls in the bin "bit" me. One of the straight pins they sell with them was sticking out the back and poked my finger. I kinda worried about putting it back in the bin with my blood on it (not that I'm superstitous or anything, but who knows?) Someone could be using it with someone else in mind but the doll will have my blood....yet another creepy thing!

I'll take a pic of my voodoo doll and post it here next week sometime.


Design Goddess said...

You just can't avoid getting stuck, now can you??!! :)