Sunday, September 10, 2006

Final resting place...New Orleans last tribute

My favorite collection of New Orleans pix from cemetery Number One. No extra words needed here. I thought this would be a good place to end the tribute. I hope all have enjoyed the pix as much as we did taking them.

I leave you with the serene resting place of the oldest cemetery in New Orleans. I feel the pictures here, as well as the ghostly soulful tunes of Enya are the best interludes to my pics of Ground Zero tomorrow.

Peace to all those who have suffered loss, whether by nature or at the hands of men.

Blessed be...


april said...

Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures. It was wonderful to see such interesting pictures of the Big Easy in her old glory.

You wonder as you look though what the areas look like now and what exactly the future holds...

state of grace said...

Thanks April!

Sorry I have been unable to read everyone else's blogs with all these pic posts that have been taking up every last computer free minute.

I will be back to reading and commenting next week :) After I finish starting a yahoo group for my classmates from highschool, along with posting over one hundred pics on it from our reunion I am not logging on the rest of the week!