Monday, September 11, 2006


The following pictures are a tribute to the losses of Sept 11, 2001. This first pic was of a steel cross that was pulled from the wreckage and hung at Ground Zero.

The second was taken by my husband of his daughter Labor Day weekend 2001. Her salute with the towers in the background was an eerie coincidence. She did it because he was a Major in the Army at that time, teaching and coaching at West Point.

The rest of the pics (as well as the first one) are from a trip to NY (my first) we took the first summer we were dating. We stopped to visit Ground Zero. It was a very humbling experience.

I have been watching the coverage today with the reading of the names of the victims. I am disappointed to say, that try as I may I have not been able to find a station allowing the victims names to be read without interruption. I would have thought those names would be more important than Matt Laurer's commentary about the memorial service. CNN was revisiting the events step by step, which I don't see as a valuable tribute to the dead either.

So... with no further adieu, here is my tribute to those lost to the terrorists....and to the war on terror.


Gareth said...

Thanks for doing this chicka :)
Hope you and your family have as good a day as possible.

Gareth said...

How you doing chicka?? :)

april said...

Hi there, tried to email you to see what you have been up to but your email address isn't working. Hope you are ok!

Gareth said...

Hey chicken licken, whatcha got cookin'??? Teehee :D