Thursday, August 31, 2006

Landmarks - New Orleans Tribute Day 3

Here are some of my favorite landmarks. I apologize if I got any of their names wrong. I found as many as I could online. When I was walking around snapping pics I didn't always stop to ask what building I was shooting!

St Louis Cathedral

After Katrina, President Bush addressed the nation from here

Andrew Jackson

Louis Armstrong park sign

French Market

Leftover Mardi gras beads

House of the Risin' Sun

Preservation Hall. Just re-opened this week!

In almost every movie ever shot here : JFK and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil I believe had shots in front of this building. I couldn't find the name of it online.

Interview with a Vampire location

More of St Louis Cathedral

-The Old Ursuline Convent. Supposedly, in the the nuns here became pregnant and
killed the infants, burying them on the grounds. Unfortunately, it must have taken quite a hit from Katrina as it is still listed as closed on the visitors bureau site.

note the shutters on the attic sealed shut. This is very controversial because they are supposed to be able to be opened to air out the attic. There are many creepy theories as to why they are sealed. Very creepy at night.

Our Hotel Le Richelieu

Buildings behind our hotel

RR tracks between Jackson Square and the Mississippi

Cool balconies

Andrew Jackson at night


Design Goddess said...

Still great pics. Makes me wish I would have gone there before Katrina. :(

Gareth said...

Really nice pics! I tried to find the name of that building too but came up with nothing :(
The railway tracks are always what I think of when I think about the south :)

Have a really great Labor Day :D