Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Anna has not slept more than 2-3 hours a night for the past three...

Even though I'm up on the computer, I am not up to posting anything coherent. Please forgive. I'll be back to creative venutures after I get a night or so of 4 or more hours sleep.

Hope everyone else is doing swell.

Peace, love, and sleep.



Design Goddess said...

she looks pretty perky for having only 3 hours of sleep. I like her cute little dimple there too!

Design Goddess said...

I didn't hear the song before. I really like Shawn Mullins. He's got a new song out too that's pretty good.

state of grace said...

ooohhh...Would love to hear a GOOD new Shawn Mullins song. I loved Core, but his next album was horrible. What's the new one called?

Oh! And this pic's a week or two old. Should have also clarified- Anna gets her sleep in just fine, but not necessarily at night. Plus, she was in desperate need of "raisons" the past few days (that's for you, DG) and saved it all up for Daddy tonight! What a good girl ;)


state of grace said...

PS- DG you need to get over here soon. She's changed so much since you were last here! And we have a new cousin for Anna btw. Maddie's little brother is here!

That makes family baby count 3 since Dec! The twins' new sister should be here in June!


Gareth said...

Awwwww she's cute. Reminds me of my youngest cousin a couple of years ago :)
You go and catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz now hehe.

bookchick said...

Obviously, the sleep cycle is working for *her* - she looks adorable!

Take care of yourself!

Design Goddess said...

The new song is called "Beautiful Wreck" I hear it a lot on 91.3. You can stream it on your computer too! I've got it playing right now acutally in studio. It's a public radio station, but not NPR. It's all music. No commercials! Yea!!!

Anyway, I'll try my best to get over there at least for an hour or so. Being sick has put me even farther behind (but you already know that!). I also have to take some time to get to "lisatown" as Izzy's now dubbed it.

take care! :)

Shoe Diva said...

Shes such a cute baby though

Hope you get some sleep soon

state of grace said...

Thanks everyone!

She finally ended her 3 day abstinence from dirty diapers (and how- 3 huge scary diapers-one for daddy and 2 for me.) That improved her mood greatly, as it would for any of us! She slept from 10 pm - 3 am last night, then again from 5 til 7:30 am this morning. And is sleeping now in her swing. I feel like a new woman and will post later!

state of grace said...


My favorite Shawn Mullins song has got to be Tannin' Bed. I think I've played that one for you before. It's about the woman leaving her husband,

"...She pulls into the trailer park, pops the trunk, and calls the kids outside. She says, 'There's a twister comin' and you haven't got a clue. And I ain't gonna sit here in this double wide and wait around for you...cause I'm taking the microwave oven, and I'm taking the color TV, and I'm packin' up the chevy with the kids and what's left of me."

LOVE that song. The whole album Soul's Core, is just wonderful. I just listened to the new one from the site. Sounds much better than the last one I heard which was sorta popish. He's much better with acoustic blues.


Gareth said...

Happy St Patrick's Day SOG, Anna and family. Am I the first ever Irish person to wish Anna a happy St Patrick's Day? It would be cool if I was. Saweeeet!


state of grace said...

You certainly are! The first to wish her "Happy St Patrick's Day" EVER! How 'bout that?

I'll be sure to pass it on.


And Happy St. Patricks Day to you too :)