Sunday, February 05, 2006

Colicy colicy colicy....

Third night in a row. No sleep for mommies. My third baby has decided to take after my first. She has colic. She starts screaming as soon as she awakes, is fussy and irritable when nursing and is in awful pain :( It gets considerably worse at night.

The only cure? Hot Italian Opera singers. LOUD. (or the vaccuum cleaner or the hair dryer, but they aren't as pleasant to listen to or look at.)

Here are her favorites (and mine- hmmmm... one thing in common already!)

Andrea Bocelli :)


Even if the latter was the invention of Simon Cowell. I hate giving that guy more money.

Andrea's a little strange too. He was supposed to sing on Oprah once (Opera meets Oprah!!!) However he stunned both the talk show diva and her audience when he walked off instead. I'm not sure if he ever said why.

But they all sound as good as they look, so Anna is on her way to Opera Chic...or should I say "Sheik". long as Andrea shaves and cuts his hair once in a while. But hey! He's blind so you can forgive him a bad hair day.


The old school guys!

Although I gotta admit of the "three Tenors" Jose wasn't too bad lookin'!


Design Goddess said...

I'll take a helping of Il Divo if you don't mind. Yummy!!!

state of grace said...

Yeah...though my gaydar goes off a bit with them. Don't want to see them interviewed or hear them talk :) Just sing and look nice boys!


Gareth said...

Awwww I hope the little one gets well soon and you manage to get a good night's sleep too :)

state of grace said...
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state of grace said...

Thanks Gareth,

She's actually sick- just went to the doc. She started coughing hard last night, and is too tired to cry - just a hoarse whimper with bottom lip poking out in pathetic pout that says, "Why can't you make it feel better?????"

Design Goddess said...

awwww....poor thing! Hope she feels better soon! :)