Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Bugaloos! And other Krofft Creatures

testing 1 2 3...

Hey! It might be working again. Finally!

Here's the promised tribute to Sid and Marty (below) Krofft!

DG, that's Martha Raye not Phylis Diller (Martha's a much better actress as well as a former beauty queen!)

Nope--- I don't think the Krofft bros did ANY illegal drugs :)

Any Days of Our Lives fans out there? Does Electra Woman look familiar to any of you? Marlena! No wonder she could survive countless possesions, trials, comas, abductions, and bouts with amnesia!

And finally.....who didn't wish they were Holly? Will? Marshall?


Design Goddess said...

oh yeah! Martha Raye. I knew it was someone like that. Although she kinda reminds me of Phyllis Diller though!

Those were weird shows alright. Never got into HR Pufnstuf though. Wonder if shows like those would get on TV today??

state of grace said...

I think they would only show up somewhere in the "celebreality" hasbeen shows. Like Puffnstuff admits he has an eating disorder, the bugaloos complain about typecasting and how they never got another chance due to their wings, and Holly from Land of the Lost admits she had to turn to a porn career.