Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My 40th Birthday Present is ON IT'S WAY!

I finally did it.

After months of online reviews, research, and chickening out, I have ordered my 40th b-day present.

My first Notebook.

It should be here in a week or so! That is, of course, if the store I bought it from (which is out of the office til Thursday due to Rosh Hashanah ) doesn't run out before filling my order. I'm hoping that the fact that they closed for several days will send all other frenzied buyers off to other sites, guaranteeing that site still has one to send me.

These are some hot tamales I gotta tell ya.

Every time I have decided to go ahead and order one, immediately whatever store I have been eying due to price or features runs out of them.

I first saw an Asus EEE PC at my writer's retreat last April. A woman, who's fabulous husband not only bought her the first EEE PC (700) but also registered her for the Company of Women Writer's Retreat when he saw it online, because he wanted to support and encourage her writing.

I think Rick has a twin soul in the art of husbandry.

When I came home I told him I really wanted one of those mini-notebooks and he said SURE!

They are relatively cheap, and small and cute...


Then I went about looking into exactly what they are capable of doing.

The EEE P 700’s tiny size was big on cute factor, but small on performance. I also watched many video reviews by people who are typists and those who are hunt, peck, cursers (Rick would fall into the latter category, myself in the former.) The typists, who all like to rest their fingers on the “home keys” like I do hated the 700 through 900’s tiny, cramped keyboard. The “hunt and peckers (tee-hee) didn’t mind it as much.

But since I am rather quick at typing the way we were taught to be typists in Mr. Chlebeck’s 1985 typing class, I knew I would end up with carpal tunnel trying to use that keyboard. Additionally, the small screen requires constant scrolling when editing what you’ve typed, as well as when you are trying to view web pages.

My MAC obsessed older brother suggested I not buy anything under 10" so I would be spared tons of frustration.

So I started searching.

Well, most higher end laptops are much larger and more expensive than the Asus EEE PCs, turning me back toward that brand/style.

the heavens blessed me with Asus's newest endeavor.

The 1000H EEE PC. Nearly full keyboard and screen, as well as more storage, stronger/longer battery, and the ability to add more storage later should I love it and want to keep it.

But small enough to still allow for my most coveted feature.


As soon as I get it I am off to coffee shops to write in peace (ie minus four meddling kids, an adoring husband and new energetic puppy) a few nights a week!

For now, I won't go on and on about it, til I receive, lest I hate it and regret it-or worse, it never shows up due to selling out yet again.

Til then,

I'll be here, at my desktop, in between requests for my undivided attention by all those who can't find/pick up/put away anything, eat a snack or put their dishes away, wash or fold their laundry, watch or read Curious George, go potty inside (Anna) or outside (Maggie)/play with their kitchen, ball, boodabone (etc, etc, etc) without my assistance or at the very least my somewhat divided attention.


Can't wait to meet you, my little EEE PC :)


bella said...

aw how cute! i bought a new toshiba when my old one kicked the bucket...i really like those but not much in the way of the cute factor :( i think getting a notebook is a great idea for u so u CAN escape...i do that too...EOW. funny how that works, eh?!

state of grace said...

Thanks Bella. I hope to have it when I travel down to the retreat!

bella said...

i cant wait! i am soooooo super excited to meet everyone...and to get away! unfortunately, unless dawn decides to come at the last minute, no one will be road-tripping w me :(