Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Heeeeeeere!

My EEE PC came on Monday morning (the 6th! That was fast!) Then we went out of town for a family wedding in Jersey and I took it wit' me on the road.

Very handy size, very quick, easy etc. Lots of storage though I had heard and read the mini-notebooks were storage shy. It has more than our old laptop does.

My only complaint is as far as I can tell (still researching for a better way) the only way I can disable the mouse pad on it is to disable through the task bar. That's kind of a pain, but necessary when typing due to the tiny keyboard. I will be mid-word, mid-sentence and all of a sudden I'm writing in another paragraph from accidentally hitting the pad. But as long as it's disabled I'm good with the external mini mouse.

My only disappointment was a long, but superficial scratch on the lid. I will live with it, as I'm the only one who knows it's there. I contacted where I purchased it, but since it happened at the factory level there's nothing they can do. They did send me a laptop carrying case...but it's big enough to fit a full size laptop so I gave it to Rick for his.

I will be taking it on the road with me again this week, as I am headed to meet up with my Stepsistas at our 2nd "Quarterly" Stepmom Retreat this coming weekend.

I will be posting my experience from the first trip tomorrow, then will post about this one next week.

Til then....

Happy typing!

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bella said...

beautiful zen, as always. i especially enjoyed the pics!

isnt it amazing how profound an impact teachers can have on our lives??