Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well, first my internet goes wacky, then Ohio gets hit with a hurricane of all things and I lose power.

Hopefully, I am officially back, barring natural and otherwise events.

More posting to follow!!!!!


Kingcover said...

Yeppers, I was IMing with Design Goddess and she got the day off work on Monday because of the high winds from the hurricane. She was very sad as you can imagine ;-)
Looking forward to new exciting posts from you ..... "barring natural and otherwise events" of course, lol.

state of grace said...

Just finished one.

I have a doozy I started on Sept 11th about that day too. But haven't had power or internet long enough to finish it.

And it needs some finishing as it is at present a rambling stream of consciousness that only I am capable of discerning.

Glad to hear from you!

bella said...

hi zen! u definitely need to get this back up and running...i check i all the time to see what wisdom youve posted this time!

state of grace said...

Just sent you an email response, but might as well say it here in the comments.

I have three posts in different stages of readiness and blogger isn't letting me post them! I can't find any info on their support page, so I'll just have to try to catch up tomorrow. I also noticed my page isn't showing up correctly. My ads aren't here and my Company of Women link is in the wrong place.

Not quite sure what's up.

More later.

state of grace said...


The first of many back posts that have been sitting in my draft file has been successfully posted! Read and enjoy. More will follow throughout next week.