Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Baby Borrowers is on TONIGHT

Just thought I'd send out that reminder. In light of last week's news of a rumored "pregnancy pact" in a Gloucester Mass high school I am even more convinced that The Baby Borrowers, with it's subtitle "It's not entertainment, it's birth control," should be on everyone's must see, must DVR/TIVO and show to all teens repeatedly until they stop thinking babies are a cool source of unconditional love and instant emancipation.


Gabe Kaplan said...

yeeeah, looking forward to finally watching this tonight.

BlipBlip said...

I'm gonna watch it, should be educational, and also humorous!

MegHugz said...

I hope all parents with teens watch this show with their kids. Talk to them about safe sex and contraception, please! Something has to stop this epidemic of knocked up teens.