Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Faces of New Orleans- tribute day 2

The hardest part of watching Katrina coverage was wondering what happened to all these folks we met during our stay, who likely didn't evacuate immediately.

This gentleman sang Amazing Grace as we were walking by, then stopped and gave me this huge smile when I took his picture. He came to mind later when I saw the emotional interview of Harvey Jackson, the man who was wandering around with two small children in tow on the streets following Katrina. He was in a daze after losing his grip of his wife's hand on his roof as flood waters swept her away from him.
Though we tipped this performer he never begged for money. Just like the rest of the musicians and singers we encountered throughout our stay, he seemed to be singing for the sheer joy of it.

That was not the case with he kids tap dancing with beer caps on their tennis shoes pictured below. They would stop performing and grab their cardboard tip boxes and chase you down. Though street performers are everywhere and highly tolerated with or without permit, these young kids were kicked out of every storefront.

The woman clarinet player and male tuba player were together, and some of the best talent we heard. She was on a special on New Orleans that was filmed before Katrina, but aired after.

The painted mimes were everywhere, but these two were the best we saw. I particularly liked the bronze man who took his tips straight to the slots.

The balloon sculpture guy was a perverted, TB hacking nut. We disposed of the germ ridden pornographic balloon he made for us as soon as we could get away, and tried to shoo small children away from him.

I caught this handsome guy reading in the park

We had a chat with this British tourist- nice chap.

Rick snapped the fashion challenged duo.

Getting Sweaty with Harry (No no.... NOT Connick Jr---Harry Anderson of Night Court and Cheers fame.) Maybe he caught the "fever" from....

This singer givin' a Fever in Jackson Square

And the best for last....

The musicians were awesome. I wish I would have taped more so I could hear them again.

Singin' the blues in the streets

and blues in the bars

Singing do-whop on the sidewalks

Jammin' in the park

And Gettin' down

And dirty on Bourbon Street


Design Goddess said...

wow again! Amazing photos!

And you saw Harry Anderson??!! Why didn't you tell me that??!!! I'm SO jealous!

state of grace said...

I thought I showed you that pic before! I have wanted to edit it to get the sweat out of Harry.

He was funny. Made us buy his book for the picture with him. He and his wife (who is very nice and pretty) own a store down there called "SIDESHOW." Of course coming from circus people myself I had to wander in. When I told him my grandfather was a magician he asked what his name was. I told him I didn't think he would know him, but he graciously said, "You'd be surprised how we all know each other." In Ohio I have met magicians who knew my Grandpa, but alas not Harry.

You'll have to go anyway. The French Quarter wasn't hit as bad as the rest. The only thing that worries me is it seemed so safe to me before Katrina. Much safer than it used to in the 80's and 90's. But now I think it may have taken a huge step back as far as safety is concerned.


Design Goddess said...

What a cool story! Maybe someday I'll get to NO. Although sometimes I wonder if it's worth rebuilding unless they're going to build it up higher or build gigantic flood walls.