Friday, December 16, 2005

Magna Cum Laude

Grades are posted!

Two A's in Jazz History and Stratford Program (a trip to Ontario through Kent to see Shakespeare Festival plays- highly reccomended!) and...

B in Theatre History!

Whew... done... graduate tomorrow.

Now I'm focusing on baby thank-you's, graduation announcements, Christmas cards and shopping--almost done with all of those! What will everyone think when I acutally accomplish these sort of tasks that always came second (or last.... if at all) due to school?

My husband and I bought something for US for Christmas. The kids (whom all have multiple electronic games, including each their own gameboys which only the 8 year old plays anymore) have been bugging us for a TV electronic game set. We have been saying no because we know that it will just mean more arguments between them.

So my husband saw an add at Target for the retro Atari flashback game for only $24.99, and we devised a plan. I am giving it to my husband for Christmas, and then he will share it with the rest of us :) That way when there is arguing and complaining between the kids, one of us can say, "That's Rick's (h) toy! Put it away!

We're doing the same with a 40 dollar kareoke machine from Walmart (his gift to me and then I will share.)

Plus we figure the atari games, which are nostalgic to us so we'll like them, will be too boring for them to bother with. Ha ha ha .... the parents win again.

Although, I'm pretty proud of my 11 year old son. We told all the kids (whom are spending Christmas with their other parents this year) that we were on a budget, and that means they can each ask for 4 or 5 inexpensive things here, and we will do our best. My step-daughter (who was an only child and the only thing tying her parents together for many many years) is not used to not getting whatever she wants for the holidays and her birthday. She will likely be showered materialistically over at her mom's. She had a hard time narrowing down her list and keeps revising it.

My youngest son asked for 4 things exactly, telling his step-sister, "Your dad and my mom need to buy things for the BABY right now! It's important that we make this sacrifice!"


Then my oldest son NEVER gave me a list. When I asked him about it he said, "I don't NEED anything. You guys get me the things I need throughout the year. So maybe just a robe and slippers this year."

I did prod a few more things out of him. But wow. He really gets it. His brother did too. I couldn't be more proud.

Oh- and the Ohio Light Opera Company is working with his middle school (which is an arts school he auditioned for and got into this year) to present The Barber of Seville in Feb. He didn't think he got in, and insisted it was ok... he didn't care about it anyway, etc. But he called me from his dad's and he's in (no parts assigned yet.) I don't care if it's just the chorus, what an opportunity! I grew up in theatre, but opera always intimidated me because I never had the chance to experience it. He was simply BEAMING over the phone.

Luckily my ex, his wife and I get along well, and he has offered (or rather she offered FOR him!) to do most of the picking up after his rehearsals, because I will have a newborn in tow everywhere I go, plus due to C-section won't be able to drive for 3 weeks. I can't wait to see the show in Feb!

Well off to finsish all these cards.

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