Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blizzard of 08

SPRING forward my a$$!

More to come tomorrow :)


kris said...

This Jersey girl misses the snow . . . but not too much.

Wishing my apartment was as big as your deck!

state of grace said...

Hi Kris!

My husband's family is from Jersey. We go there a couple times a year.

I think this deck is as big as my house I moved out of when I married my husband. That house was about 1150 sq feet. (The one we live in is around 2,000 sq feet.) I'm thinking my old bungalow would have sold for about 300,000 in NJ! Ummm...not so here in Ohio. I didn't get a third of that and it had a decent back yard.

Of course with the housing crisis right now we couldn't sell this one for much more than the bungalow went for!

You're glass of wine looks good :)