Monday, March 03, 2008

Anna Fashion Statement- Week 3

We call this winter ware ensemble the Christmas Story look. Anna had a lot of fun getting to play in and help me remove the snow last week. Although...sometimes she seemed to be putting the snow BACK from where I already removed it. We were outside for almost two hours (it was a balmy 35 degrees) before her fun was done. Of course she decided to come inside after falling several times and being unable to stand back up in her gear, a la Christmas Story fashion.


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state of grace said...

How did this get through when I have the "enter letters to prove your not spam" option?

Any ideas?


Design Goddess said...

Unless it's a human and not a machine? Dunno.

Anna's so cute! I can certainly understand her frustration with not being able to stand back up. Been there myself! :D

tiggysmum70 said...

She's a doll. AH the memories of not being able to stand back up! ROFL.

"Have a great weekend!