Friday, June 01, 2007

May, June, July, and August are CRAZY!!!!

So... this is why I'm not posting lately (thanks Gareth for reminding me that it's now June and Mother's Day was my last brief post.)

This week is the kids last week of school. This weekend my mother-in-law is coming up because we are having a child dedication ceremony (UU equivalent to Christening) for Anna. I am really excited and it is going to be lovely at a local park. My church is having it's potluck afterward so we are bringing cake to celebrate!

But, back to why this event is just one in a sea of craziness as far as social/family/creative events go.

I am on the committee to produce NE Ohio's Until the Violence Stops Festival as well as co-planning an event in my area as well as acting in said event. It is on June 23rd because that's when everyone ELSE could do it!!!! I have to go to my niece's graduation party that afternoon, and I had to pass on my sister-in-law's reception, my dear DG's B-day party, another friend's play reading for a new play he wrote, and originally I gave up a vacation that week for the aforementioned reception. So could someone tell me what is in my astrology chart on flippin' June 23rd that EVERY single event had to coincide???? Everyone keeps inviting me to things and inevitably they finish the invite with "on June 23rd!"


But then there's more. I'm taking my oldest son on a little trip for his 13th birthday this month. The next week is the event I'm in/planning. Then the next week we have my family reunion. Then in July we are headed to NJ again to visit Rick's family. THEN we are headed to Ocean City for our first ever blended family vacation. THEN in August we are hosting a big family event for Rick's NJ relatives.

I can't wait for school to start ;)



Gareth said...

I still think you can squeeze one or two other things in there :P
DG should have her party on the 22nd, afterall that is her actual b'day and it's still a Friday night. Friday night/Saturday night = what's the difference? And you should tell the people that you act with that they are acting like big babies and you already had plans for the 23rd otherwise they'll just think they can bully you around on every other occasion too. Stand up for yourself. Oh I see you already are. You are tiny. Hahaha!
That would be really cool to have a 'Christening' in a park. Lucky Anna.
Have fun with your extended family and I love that photograph. Very beautiful :)

Gareth said...
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Gareth said...

p.s. if DG doesn't change her party date let me know and I'll have a word with her. She always listens intently to what I tell her. I just need to work on the actual 'doing' part because she hasn't quite mastered that yet but I will do my best for you. Perhaps money will persuade her or even the chance to meet a real life leprechaun. Yeah I'm sure that would swing it for her. Hmmmm??? :D

Design Goddess said...

At least it's a GOOD crazy and not "OMG I'm a single mom and I have all this crap to do!!!" :)

As for MY party ('my' being stressed for a certain lep), if Friday wasn't a working day, I would most certainly have it on that day. Heck, I still don't know why it's not a federal holiday for crying out loud! But, like I said, if you can make it after all your festivities, that would be great! :)

Today was a wonderful day for Anna and your family. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it! :)

Gareth said...

I do appologise to DG for assuming that she could have had HER party ('her' being stressed for a certain creative genius) on her actual birthday day. I believe I know the reason as to why her b'day is not a federal holiday - it all goes back to 1975 when Pres Ford was on the 'throne'. On the day that DG was born a small mail parcel arrived in Ford's in-tray. It sat there for a few days because he was a very busy man, what with running a country and all. Anyways, he finally managed to clear 5 minutes in his busy schedule so he looked and stared and looked some more at the pale yellow parcel that was sitting in front of him. Upon opening the afore mentioned parcel he was immediately struck with awe and wonderment. The reason was because he was so touched and humbled by the small hand written letter that was inside it. It was from Mr & Mrs DG informing him that a stork had just delivered to them a beautiful bouncing little baby girl and they believed she would grow up to be a benefit to the human race.
So as Pres Ford sat there with tears rolling down his cheeks at the great little girl that had just been born in Ohio he couldn't wait to read the letter a little further. Mr & Mrs DG asked about the possibility of making June 22nd an annual federal holiday in honour of their "new little bundle of joy". He was so touched by the request that he called his secretary in to discuss the matter further. A few minutes later it was almost a done deal until he got to the end of the letter. Mr & Mrs DG had made the fateful error of mentioning their future hopes for their daughter. They said that they hoped she would grow up to be at the forefront of her chosen artistic field. At this point I'm afraid that the president and his secretary burst out laughing and that put an end to any possibility of having an annual holiday for DG.
The moral of the story - never give a pen and piece of paper to your parents. They might just use it!!! ;)

state of grace said...

Thanks DG. I enjoyed your pix. Diane got one amazing one of Anna (D's and artist locally so when she volunteered to take pix on our camera I was relieved.) I will post about the dedication ceremony later today. Right now I'm still digging out of the weekend's festivities and Rick's mom just left for her 6+ hour drive back home.

Hey- Lorie and Manny stopped by our house in the afternoon too! It was great to see them.


state of grace said...


Whew! That's quite a creative imagination yourself! Wanna write my Until the Violence Stops monologue show for me??? It's a serious show though.

I am afraid to ask, but I don't quite understand why the President and Secretary laughed at the creative field part.

Will post about dedication later today or tomorrow.


Gareth said...

I was being sarcastic with that part of the 'story' because I know that DG will get it ;)
Anddddd there she comes now. Skipping her way through the daisy field on a bright summer's day ......

(pssssst, don't tell anyone but I can be serious too ;))