Monday, March 19, 2007

Two years ago today...

I married my love, my best friend, my partner in life's journey. Today I feel so much gratitude for 3 (total) wonderful years together. Thank you to the greater forces of the universe for attracting him to me :)


Design Goddess said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :)

state of grace said...

Thanks! I looked for the pic of you and me right before the wedding, but it's on a disc and not either of my computers. Of course that means I need to find the disc! Ha. You know how long that will take.

But I'll find it tomorrow and it will go on here too!


Sandra said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :>

tiggysmum70 said...

Happy Anniversary!! HUGS to you both and to the family!!

Design Goddess said...

Oh it's ok if it doesn't get on here....I wasn't really looking my best that day I mean what with the bright redness I had for most of the day!!!

Kinda weird word ver: oujuqa a little too similar to ouija, don't you think?!

state of grace said...

Ouija! Haven't done THAT in some time. I don't like doing it with a baby in the house. They are too open to spirits being so recently among them and all!

I didn't even do that with the boys in the house if you'll recall :)

Now TAROT... that's my new guilty pleasure since my reading in the fall of 2003 predicted I would meet Rick in the spring of 2004. :)

state of grace said...

Thanks Sandra and Tigs!

He got me a beautiful card :) We agreed not to buy special presents for each other last year. This past Valentines Day, I picked out diamond earrings (little ones from Kohls on sale!) and those counted as my V-day and anniversary presents (I have FIVE ear piercings.)

We were going to buy something else for the two of us every year, but we're still trying to find the version of Klimt's "The Kiss" I want to put over our bed for our first "paper" anniversary.

But we usually pick up things we want when we're out anyway (especially when we shop at Border's - we're book-aholics! Just ask DG how many bookcases full we both have.

This year we spent the night at the McKinley Grand Hotel and ate at Fedeli's (VERY expensive but we had a little side room that we shared with one other couple so it was very romantic.)

I told Rick all I really want is a card and love letter. He's really good at writing those. Even better than me! So if I get those at every birthday, Christmas, anniversary I'm pretty happy. It goes along with the notes I write to each kid every Christmas.


Gareth said...

Woohoooo congratulations you guys :)