Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Big News part deux

Sorry to be vague here. For a few more weeks this news will be shared privately with close family and friends. But for those of you not in on that loop, we got some wonderful news today. Officially we can't start celebrating until things go through proper channels to finalize the deal in about 3 weeks. I will post more about it at that time. Until then...

Mr. Santana offers a harmonious clue below... ;)



hollibobolli said...

I'm only guessing - and I don't want to throw things off by stating anything... I will just be quietly excited and wait for you to post the news!!!

And yay for the promotion!! While I was in shock at first about Tom's because it was taking us so far away, I'm now really excited about moving.


Okay, it's saying I spelled synchronicity - but I'm too lazy to look up what I've done wrong!

state of grace said...

Thanks Holli!

I doubt you can guess our news. It's a legal issue that people who have gotten to know me personally from the blog will be able to guess. Let's just say it's a blended family issue that's FINALLY resolved. Our family has had a bit of chaos surrounding it. Everything should be processed in about 3 weeks and then I'll feel better about posting on it.

No...not pregnant if that's what you were thinking. Hopefully that's not possible anymore. Not adopting yet either. But now that all this stuff is coming together, maybe next year we can!


tiggysmum70 said...

Z- I hope I know what it is. If it is what I am thinking... Congratulations!!! I am sure you and your family will be overjoyous!!!


state of grace said...

Thanks Tigs,

From what I've heard you guys have had your share of issues similar to ours. But we've realised throughout that there's nothing that patience, good counsel, and hard work can't overcome.