Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Catching up posts- West Point NY

My THIRD army base visit, and this is the big one! West Point! It was really remarkably beautiful. We had a nice cool fall day to walk and drive around. Rick's friend Dan (who is an instructor there) took us on a tour of the building where Rick used to work. And then he and his wife Patty treated us to homemade pizza before the kids headed off to the Sprint football game (coached by Rick's former co-coach Joe.) Patty graciously visited with Anna and I since the weather turned rainy. It was a lovely visit :)

This cool castle isn't on West Point. Rick wanted to show it to the kids and me. It's rumoured that it was used in The Wizzard of OZ for the witches castle. I haven't found any confirmation on that one though.

This is the view from the gift shop/museum outside the entrance to the base.

Our driving tour....

Loved the architecture with Eagles and Gargoyles on the sides of buildings...

A river runs through it.... and Rick ran by it every morning when he was a student as well as when he taught there.

Here are the cadets out on their run...

And here is Noah running FROM them! They got a kick out of him when he screamed as they came upon us.

At least they weren't running dressed in full gear like these guys!

Some artsy pics of the little neat details that were all around as we walked. These are for LTC Ricardo (spelled RIGHT) I hear he's a fan of my off beat photography ...

Rick and Anna hikin' around...

The kids acting like they like each other (it was a brief photo op- BELIEVE me!!!!!

Rick's Department when an instructor at West Point

Rick introduces Anna to his old friend Dan

She likes a man in uniform ;)

The view from Rick's old office

Noah- looking like an add for West Point....he's NOT by the way!

There were a few of these around.... wonder if we could send them instead of Dan, who is due to go to Iraq :(

These name plaques were all around the residence area. After seeing this one, I asked Rick if the Army had relaxed it's don't ask don't tell policy and were letting all the Lyles and Lesters live together in the open now :)

This is a 3 D copy from a 3 D copier! That's some high tech stuff. Thought DG would appreciate it. Could save a LOT of time on model making!

On our way to Dan and Patty's

Dan, Patty and the boys

The kids enjoying homemade pizza (including the sauce- VERY good)

Looks like Mr. Potato Head has joined the Army! He appears to be incognito...Special Forces perhaps?


tiggysmum70 said...

Those are really cute pics. Anna is getting so big. She's a doll. The family looks great!

Have a good one!

Design Goddess said...

That is a very cool model and would have saved me TONS of time in school. Why didn't you tell me about this earlier??!!! :)