Thursday, January 18, 2007

Catching up posts-Visiting Family Oct 06

Early in the am we headed to NJ to visit some family while "in the neighborhood."

Anna voices her opinion on getting back into the car seat for another journey. This time to Rick's Aunt's for lunch. (Have you noticed how we plan our vacations around where we can stop to eat? Especially how to stop and acquire free meals--- I mean visit with family!

Here was the destination....

Anna appreciated Aunt Rosie's cookies!!!

Here's the whole clan. Thanks for the hospitality!!!!

Then we were off for a driving tour of NY City. Rick, myself and Adrienne had been there a few years ago when we were on another trip for a family wedding (Jenn and Tim's who are the very top two folks in the above picture.) But the boys had never been though the big apple...


tiggysmum70 said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing!!

state of grace said...

Thanks Tigs,

There'll be more later this week!