Sunday, June 19, 2011


I have been longing to do a vision board for over 2 years, but wanted to wait til I could actually envision moving forward. It's always interesting to see what images and words jump out at you and I found out I am further ahead than I thought in many ways while the things I thought were on my mind most were reflected in teeny tiny words/images. The biggest surprise was apparently dating and romance are on my mind more than I would have ever imagined for myself a few years ago. Therapy and healing are still peeking through but no longer my primary focus. Creativity and security are an unlikely pair, but I am completely determined to make it my life's work. Thanks to Lara- my sole (soul) student for my vision board class (save Anna who made a Father's Day card which was already delivered today-

this card for Brennis-

And of course, this one for Matthew of the dreamy pic-

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