Monday, July 13, 2009

Account inACTIVE

What a sad state of gracez this is! I have been so busy with life or something like it, that I have neglected my little blog, my little space for creative thought.

Damn Facebook! Ok...I love facebook as well, but it is quite addictive.

More writing to come in the following weeks. Much to catch up on. Still no time this week to do it! Although til then I will have to return to an old template to get that obnoxious "photobucket inactive" crap off there. Not sure when I became a slave to the photobucket folks, but am assuming it had to do with an add compliance issue through my blogher network. So if the blogher folks are reading...

help! I can't comply with the three column format, as when I did it screwed up my blog.


More next week when I will once again have time to write on here.

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