Friday, December 12, 2008

Under Construction

I apologize for the unattractive template at the moment. I had to do some rearranging with tutorials due to requirements to keep up with my ad obligations. Laura from Blogher was very nice and helpful with a tutorial site. Unfortunately, the site didn't choose to give examples from my template so I after hunting, pecking, and cursing my way through several attempts, I had to let my fuchsia go. I am in much need of sleep now, and since the blog is once again ad friendly, I can retire and try next week. Til then, sorry for the strange golden orange color that clashes with my beautiful Buddha pic (which is completely off center but try as I might at nearly 2 am, I cannot reconcile it to change it's position. You see, I am in desperate need of template tutorials that have the exact same codes as whatever template I'm using, and darn it if none of them ever seem to.)

Argh. To be somewhat computer literate. T'is a blessing and a curse (hunt and peck.)


DebbieKnitter said...

Hi Jen, I came to read today (I often do with your blog, when my little ones are busy for the moment), and read about your instructor/mentor. I am so sorry for your loss. While I was reading the posts I have missed, I found myself lost in a world all it's own. Your writing is just beautiful and has the ability to captivate it's readers!
It got me to thinking and I chuckled to myself at how funny life is....there you were, this shy, quiet, pretty little blonde haired girl,with the big doe were always so reserved, seemed to be taking everything all in, and doing as you have stated, storing it in your memory bank for another day, another time. You never really caused a ruckous,nor did you seem very eager to do so, again, the shy little blonde girl who never seemed to have a lot to how time has changed. I hope you will continue to captivate your readers. Thank you for being so talented and so open for all of us to read.

Zen Davis Richkowski said...


Hello yourself! Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. It's so nice to hear you guys are out there reading! We really must find a time to reconnect in real life too. Perhaps this experience will be my catalyst to keep connecting and reconnecting!

Have a wonderful Holiday!

Zen Davis Richkowski said...

PS- I really was quiet, wasn't I? What the heck happened????I have often wondered if I stored it all up to the point where now I find myself with too many tales (hence the blog)and not enough audience (my nearly 3 year old is just not that interested in them yet!)

Design Goddess said...

I'll see if my hunting and pecking can help you at all. I do recall buying a book about html...I thought, but perhaps I didn't buy it? I know I haven't read it yet. So many good intentions you know. :)

Hope your family has a wonderful and blessed Christmas! :)