Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here's a little ditty I've been working on for my family

There’s George’s shop
We’re getting close
Turn sharp
Easy to miss
Steep drop
Down to
The gravel drive
Turn ’round and park on grass

Jump out
Run fast
No need to lock
Can’t wait to shout
We're here Kurt-Pa!
Leaping through
The stepping stones
To concrete stoop
jump skip and hop

Laughter rings
Camel bells on door
Run in
without a knock
Every Sunday
Brings the same
Young flock

Handmade washstand
Smells of pine
First stop
To be explored
Lipstick samples
Costume wigs-
Don’t touch!
Kindly ignore

Bottom shelf
Feel Free to plunder
Broken crayons
And books to color
Faded names
Unfinished pictures
Golden tales
From days of yonder

Smallest, roundest
Kitchen table
Stretches with a leaf
Stovetop full
Oven? A cake!
Tiny fingers
Sneak a taste
Of Grandma’s butter cream

Peek in the junk drawer
For a treat-
Go outside and play
Wait-please be helpful
Gather mint
For ice tea made
Great grandma’s way

Untamed Violets
Green apples
show the way
To Lemon balm
And wild mint
Leave some
For birds we always say

Pine tree tents
full of mosquitoes
Swing from
Vines of weeping willow
Go find grandpa
In the shop
"Food's almost ready
Time to STOP!"

Printing press is LOUD
Can’t hear us
So we walk about
He jumps and startles
Angry? Naw!
That ornery grin says, “just kiddin!”
We head up to the house!

Table set and
smells so good
As each one
finds a seat
Mine’s a stool
Sits up too high
I'm youngest,
Leaning down to reach

Tiny kitchen-dinning room
Holds all those here
And more
Join hands
Sing Johnny Appleseed
A prayer of thanks
In harmony-
“Oh the Lord is Good to Me….”




Anonymous said...

i love this-- so great! the things you remember amaze me. please make me a copy! love you, neen

state of grace said...

Thanks Neen!

I had a lot more sensory memories I wanted to get in, but it was 2am last night when I wrote it. Got tired...
I think with mom's idea to do illustrations, I may do others to get those memories in. Make it a group of poems with different occasions.

Some of my on-going list-
"magical" doves cooing in the morning
the clown velvet paintings hung up in the bedroom
lava soap!

It goes on and on.