Monday, May 12, 2008

Anna Fashion Statement of the Week

Do you like my latest? I call it, "play into evening wear."

This are my "knock off" Crocs. My Pops knows a guy (Ma says that's the only way I'd be sporting 30 dollar rubber shoes) so I got spoiled by the real ones. I love them so much that I couldn't wait for a pair to "fall off a truck" this time so my Ma got me some for 5 bucks! She says that they are handy for outdoor play because you just wash them out, but she sometimes has to put them away because I won't take them off and well....rubber shoes do have their down side (stinky feet!) I can't believe my own ma says my feet stink. Geesh!

Thumbs up on the ensemble so far but....

I find a need to soften the girly side so let's try this! you's like?

Naw?!? You want I should come over there and explain why this is the next big fashion trend? Maybe I'll just send cousin Timmy or Nicky from Jersey to take care a' ya!

I thought you'd see it my way! You know it ain't easy bein' a trend setta.


tiggysmum70 said...

I absolutly love her outfit! WTG Anna!!!!

Have a good week!

state of grace said...

Thanks Tigs! I will let her know (as soon as she's feeling better) that her fans love the ensemble!