Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Long Time No Blog

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year...and Thanksgiving for that matter because it's been over a month since I posted anything more than Buddha Wisdom!

We had our usual hectic holiday, hosted Christmas Eve and New Years Day for my family. Had Anna and Adri's combined birthday party yesterday.

I will be working on a picture filled holiday blog post this week. I promise. Then I will be silent again for several weeks as I finish writing my play. I have a theatre interested in presenting it this spring so I'd better get crackin'!

Oh- and Rick's dad had open heart and gall bladder surgeries this last month so we have been very busy going down to Indiana several times. That's the other reason blogging has been slow on my end.

So...more to follow.


Design Goddess said...

Hope Papa R is doing better! Sorry I missed the b-day party and I can't wait to see the pics! :)

tiggysmum70 said...

Hello. I hope your father-n-law is doing better. I know both of those surgeries are not the most fun in the world.


Skiingred said...

Happy New Year!

Good luck with your play - that's so cool :)

state of grace said...

Thanks everyone!

Working on the pictorial holiday blog as I type this!

Kingcover said...

Hey 'old' buddy o' mine. How's it cooking? Hehe.
This picture post that we are all waiting for must be really longgggggg ;-)


state of grace said...


It is a REALLLY long post. So it's going to come in catch up form with individual smaller posts. I will start by jumping back to a vacation or two we took that I never found time to post, then the holidays.

Hope you enjoy these Anna tidbits whilst I edit all the others.