Monday, November 05, 2007

New Outlet

Have a new place to blog. It's an anonymous site for blended families. I LOVE it and all the new friends/support I have found there. It's a place I can write about the things I cannot write about here :)

SO.... I have been absent here for a few weeks.

But I would like some advice from my blogger friends. I am trying to organize a Step mom retreat for some women on there. Here are my requirements-

Within five to six hours drive North, South, or West of Canton, Ohio
A place with one of the following atmospheres

Beach (a lake is good. Not Cleveland- looking for something different)
River city
Culture- plays, shopping, art

So let me know what you all think!


Kingcover said...

Well I don't know the Canton area, heck I don't know Ohio, heck I don't know anything about anything lol but I found this list of activity places in your area. Maybe it will be of some use ....

Perhaps DG will know of something, after all she has a huge brain so there has to be something of use inside it you would think :-P

state of grace said...

Thanks KC!

I liked the link. I have been trying to find good travel links. Do you know of any others for things like theatre, retreat centers, small towns? Having a hard time finding some stuff for trip ideas.

tiggysmum70 said...

Check around the Columbus area. Isn't there a camping area/ recreation area down there. Can't remember the name. HUGS

Design Goddess said...

Well heck, 4 hours would get you to Ironton! :D

I'd have to think a little more though b/c although I do have LOTS in my pretty little head, I have no info on what you're looking for. Sorry, KC!