Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nope...No Time for Bloggin'

This week I've been insanely busy with very needy terribly two year old at my heels. Not much time to post as Anna is only interested in playing with me, watching Sesame Street WITH me (that's fun since I've seen most of them the first time round with the boys.) She wants as well as deserves much of my attention these days. Yesterday she napped for all of one hour (there's the only chance to shower in my day) and refused to sleep last night without me -she normally sleeps very well, but judging from her musical tummy last night she wasn't feeling well :(
So in between Anna/housemaker duties I've been writing monologues for the women's issues play I'm writing. After being asked to write and perform another monologue (this time for Take Back The Night in a few weeks) I decided I'm being pushed, called, and directed this-a-way right now. More news on that next week!

Til then here's an amusing little diddy I came across while searching for spiritual retreats today:

take the psi-q psychic test yourself


Design Goddess said...

Wow! Good thing you're not "working" anymore! ;)

Kingcover said...

Now there's a little smile that could light up the world :-)

state of grace said...

Yeah DG. Sometimes I don't know how I did it those five plus years with me and the boys (with lots of help from friends and family!) Noah was only Anna's age when I got divorced! She wears me OUT. Of course, I'm not 31 anymore either.

KC, that smile is the only thing that saves her (and me actually) daily when it appears at random. But don't let that pleasant little tike in the pic fool ya, most of my day she grunts demandingly, "Mulk!" (milk) "ANANIE!" (banana) "HUK!" (Hug) and most articulately, "NO...STOP...MOM...MINE!"

Can't wait til she's three.


Kingcover said...

These are my results ....

Telepathy/Empathy - 07/10
Clairvoyance/Remote Viewing - 09/10
Psychokinesis - 05/10
Precognition - 05/10
Channeling - 05/10