Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ode to a cat...farewell old friend

Lost my cat today. She was nineteen years old. She was very ill. I thank her for sparing me a tough decision. It's my birthday and I had another post all set with photos of growing up. That'll wait til next week. Goodbye old kitty from hell....(it's an affectionate term really!)

We had good times and bad. I was convinced at one time she was trying to overpower me by taking me out and tripping me every time I tried to carry laundry down the basement stairs. Once she decided to take a nap in my closet which I shut before leaving for work. She peed on my clothes and cried all day. And she loved to eat my floral mother's day presents and throw them up on the floor for me to step on in the middle of the night. Many times as I opened the door I would hear her jump off the forbidden kitchen table. That is until she was too old and lazy to bother and would offer me an indignant stare when I ordered her off as soon as I walked in the door.

But she was also the only other creature in the house every other week when my kids were at their dad's. And when she took her favorite spot on the top of the couch as I was reading or watching tv, she would take her paw and place it on my shoulder as if to say, "You know I am here if you ever need to talk." And later on in years she still liked to watch for me out the front window, then run to the side window as I pulled in past her, to watch me come home from work.

Either that, or she was watching to see if it was worth the climb to the perch on the kitchen table, or if I was already home.

I'm told by admirers she had the most amazing hypnotic eyes, and purred like a freight train.

Together with Wheezer... and now they're together again wherever it is animal souls head after here. I can see him now, walking up...sniffing to make sure it's her... Sneezing loudly....and saying, "Geeze took ya long enough. But remember... just like when we fooled the we act like we don't like each other. Just don't get caught sleeping beside me in the sun again!"


Gareth said...

Sorry to hear about your little cat :(
I'm sure she was really happy with you. You gave each other mutual love.

Happy belated birthday. Hope you had as an enjoyable one as you could :)

Shoe Diva said...

What a beautiful kitty - you are right she does look like Susie. I am so sorry for your loss. 19 yrs is really good - she led a full life.

Happy Birthday to you as well, not the best birthday present, but I hope you had a good birthday anyway.

Design Goddess said...

It's SO sad that Mocha Boca is gone....maybe she'll meet up with Cuddles and they'll have fun together! :)

state of grace said...

Gareth and PPP,
thanx for thinking of me.

DG- if Mocha and Cuddles meet and hang out, then Mocha would have to realize and accept that other cats exist in this and other worlds ;)And as you yourself well know..

there never was nor ever will be another cat in any world but Mocha...kitty from hell. At least as far as she was concerned.


tiggysmum70 said...

I am sorry to hear about your little friend. We too lost a great cat a few years back. I am sure Design told you about Cuddles and you might even have met her. I am glad to see you here on blogspot.

HUGS to you and the family

Tiggy and family